Taymouth Township Trash and Recycling

Welcome to the official Waste Management trash and recycling information page for Taymouth Township. We are committed to keeping our community clean, green, and sustainable. On this page, you’ll find essential documents to guide you in managing your waste responsibly.

Waste Management Trash and Recycling Calendar 2024

Download the Taymouth Township’s Trash and Recycling Calendar for 2024 to stay informed about collection dates and holiday closures. This document is your go-to resource for ensuring your waste is managed efficiently throughout the year.

Recycle Calendar 2024

Recyclable Items Information

Explore our informative infographic highlighting what items are recyclable in Taymouth Township. Understanding what can be recycled is crucial for reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable environment.

Examples of recyclable materials.

Cart Placement Information

Proper trash cart placement is essential for efficient waste collection in Taymouth Township. Follow these guidelines to ensure a seamless pickup process:

  1. Placement Location: Position your trash cart at the curb, with the wheels facing your property. Ensure it is easily accessible for collection vehicles.
  2. Spacing: Leave sufficient space between your trash cart and other objects (e.g., cars, mailboxes) to allow for easy pickup without obstruction. This prevents any potential interference during collection.
  3. Direction: Face the lid opening toward the street to facilitate the automated collection process. This ensures a smoother pickup experience for our waste management team.
  4. Clear Pathway: Clear the area around your trash cart of any obstacles, such as overhanging branches or other items. This helps collection vehicles navigate easily.

Thank you for your cooperation in maintaining a well-managed waste disposal system in Taymouth Township. Your efforts make a significant difference in the overall cleanliness and sustainability of our community.